Nestled in the picturesque surroundings of Agriturismo alla Poncia in Gravedona , near the picturesque Lake Como , guests can enjoy a unique experience among historical and natural treasures. From enchanting sites such as the Church of Santa Maria del Tiglio and the sumptuous Palazzo Gallio, to the renowned resorts of Bellagio, Menaggio and Varenna, and the iconic residences of Villa Balbianello and Villa Carlotta, the region offers a fascinating mix of culture and scenic beauty.

Church of Santa Maria del Tiglio

The Church of Santa Maria del Tiglio, located in the vicinity of Agriturismo alla Poncia in Gravedona, on the shores of Lake Como, is an architectural jewel rich in history. Featuring medieval frescoes and an evocative atmosphere, this 12th-century church enchants visitors with its timeless beauty, offering a fascinating testament to the region's cultural heritage.

Gallium Palace

Palazzo Gallio, located in Gravedona on Lake Como, is an imposing Renaissance residence built in the 16th century. Featuring elegant architecture and overlooking the picturesque waters of the lake, the palace is known for its historical beauty and cultural importance, representing a valuable artistic heritage in the region.


Bellagio, overlooking the shores of Lake Como, enchants visitors with its picturesque beauty. Famous for its lush gardens, narrow cobblestone streets and breathtaking panoramic views, Bellagio is a gem on the waters of the lake, offering a fascinating experience amid history, culture and enchanting scenery.

Menaggio and Varenna

Menaggio and Varenna are two charming resorts on Lake Como, nestled in the scenic beauty of the Lombardy region of Italy. Menaggio, with its picturesque squares and lakefront, is a beloved place for its relaxing atmosphere and recreational opportunities, such as golf and hiking in the nearby mountains. Varenna, with its ancient narrow streets, charming Vezio Castle and the botanical gardens of Villa Monastero, offers an experience characterized by history and nature, making it a fascinating destination on Lake Como. Both locations are loved by visitors for their charm and authenticity.

Villa Balbianello and Villa Carlotta

Villa Balbianello and Villa Carlotta are two beautiful historic residences located on the shores of Lake Como, Italy. Villa Balbianello, located on the tip of the Lavedo peninsula in Lenno, is famous for its terraced gardens, elegant interior rooms and spectacular panoramic views of the lake. The villa has been used as a set for numerous films, adding further charm to its prestigious past.

Villa Carlotta, located in Tremezzo, is renowned for its magnificent botanical gardens, which house a vast collection of exotic plants and flowers. The villa itself features works of art and a rich history related to the nobility of the time.